New Year, New Brand for OMNI Healthcare

After more than a decade in the financing industry, 2019 ushered in a rebrand for OMNI Healthcare.

MedChex Rebrand History of Logos Horizontal

OMNI Healthcare specializes in financing medical liens. Since 2005, OMNI Healthcare has been working with physical therapy centers, chiropractors, and healthcare providers to make sure they receive payment for services they provide. In turn, OMNI Healthcare is making sure that those services are satisfying the medical needs of patients.

After a successful merger with their partners at Lovell Minnick, OMNI Healthcare spent 2018 developing a more progressive, global brand. This rebrand not only is a reflection of their continued investment in providing the best financial resources to accident patients and healthcare providers, but also represents their dedication to modernization, growth, and sustainability.

OMNI Healthcare has already become a leading authority in funding, financing and medical lien industries. The rebrand is sure to facilitate the continued growth of the company’s commitment to its well-established core values which include broadening the range of healthcare services to uninsured, personal injury patients. As of the beginning of this year, the number of patients has surpassed 80,000 and that number is continuing to grow.

Despite having a new appearance, OMNI Healthcare’s promise to provide the same level of financial and medical resources isn’t going anywhere.

The logos pictured above show just a glimpse of how far the OMNI Healthcare brand has come over the past 14 years.

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